Weed Out Green Fingered Thieves this Summer

Garden thefts have been reported by more than 2.5million UK homes, with the average cost of a claim now standing at £208 – that’s a total of £517 million worth of garden items that have been stolen!*

Lawnmowers and hedge cutters are the most commonly stolen; with other items include camping, BBQs and fishing equipment, bicycles and power tools. But it’s not just about the items that can be taken, as resourceful thieves can also use tools and ladders found in your outbuildings to gain entry into your home.

So before downing tools and taking off your gardening gloves, consider these top tips, to keep your garden secure this summer.

Shed security

Whether you’re packing up for the day or just going inside for a cup of tea, it’s important to put all garden tools and expensive items away and out of sight.  And don’t forget to cover the BBQ after your summer get together. It only takes a few minutes for a burglar to break in and take something.

For added peace of mind, use a freestanding standalone, battery-powered alarm or fix one to a wall within your shed for easy installation and convenience.

Don’t give thieves an easy ride

Following a winter of hibernation for the majority of cyclists, bike thefts tend to see a marked increase in summer, as the warmer weather means more people take to the two-wheeled transport.

Bicycles are attractive prospects for thieves as they are widely available, universally used, easy to sell, and often left poorly secured.  So much so, according to research, approximately 1,044 bicycles are stolen daily in the UK – that’s around one every minute!**

 Keep Watch

Google’s Smart Home division, Nest, is set to launch an outdoor security camera to identity and communicate with others outside of a home, with monitoring through a smartphone application to view live feeds while out of the house.

Whilst this will be available in the autumn, Cryptex Security already offers visual verification as a new security solution that offers an alarm system within a built in video camera. Anytime an alarm is activated, a ten second video clip is sent to a smart phone. And homeowners can check in on their home via an app at any given time.

Protect your parameters

A property that looks difficult to get into is less likely to be targeted by opportunistic thieves. Always keep gates closed and repair any damaged fences and make sure all hedges and bushes are trimmed, making it more difficult for thieves to remain undetected.

Lastly, investing in outdoor security lighting will directly put the spotlight on thieves and don’t forget to lock up ladders and secure wheelie bins, as these are perfect for giving burglars a leg up into the rest of your home!