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Home Alarm Systems UK & Other Tips to Protect Your Home

As a homeowner, there are several safety precautions you should take in order to ensure your safety and well-being throughout each day.

Many people think burglary is a rare event that will never happen to them, yet according to a 2017 report by the Office for National Statistics, police have reported a 9% increase in burglary rates in the UK.

Here are the top tips you and your family should take to protect your home, including installing the leading home alarm systems UK.

  1. Install a home alarm system.

One of the most important security measures homeowners should have is a home alarm system.

Home alarm systems UK are essential in detecting a burglar or house intruder. 60% of burglars say they would be discouraged from breaking into a house if they knew it had a home alarm system.

Cryptex Security sets you up with a 100% effective home alarm system to prevent home intrusion or in the event of intrusion the system will detect and communicate.

  1. Lock windows and doors.

The windows and doors of your house are the first lines of defence in the event of a burglary and are just as important safety measures as your home alarm system.

Most people follow this common method to ensure their home is secure. Locking all the doors and closing all the windows of your house cuts off all entry routes for burglars to slip inside your home.

  1. Don’t leave an extra key outside.

Many people stick another key under the mat or in the area outside their front door in the event of losing their first house key.

However, this action jeopardises your safety. Anyone can find the house key sitting next to your front door, and use it to enter your home at any time.

Avoid using obvious key-hiding places where a stranger can snatch up the key to burgle your home. If you keep a key under your porch mat, try sticking the key in a new place where no one would think to look.

  1. Store valuables in a safe place.

Burglars are searching for money or items of value, take special care and precautions and tuck all priceless items out of view from windows and areas that are easily visible from the outside of your home.

Hide all valuable items either in a locked safe or bank vault where no one can access them except you. Protecting items of value goes a long way in preventing burglars from stealing your important items.

  1. Clear the space outside your home.

When confronted with a locked door or a closed window, a burglar might try to smash through the barriers of your home.

Clear the area outside and around your home of any heavy objects or tools that could be effective in smashing your windows or breaking a lock. Doing so will thwart burglars from getting into your home and taking any valuables you might have.

Home Alarm Systems at Cryptex Security

Homeowner safety is Cryptex Security’s number one priority – we lead the way in home alarm systems UK. For any questions on home safety or how to install a home alarm systems UK, call (020) 8449-9017.