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Security System Upgrade – When and Why is it Important?

Most of house owners get overwhelmingly proud upon installing their very first security system. However, they often don’t consider a painful truth – it’s not an once-in-a-lifetime investment. To work most efficiently, every security system needs an upgrade once in a while.

Some people keep security systems that are over a decade old. They tend to think as long as it works they don’t need a new one. On one hand they are right – why purchase new equipment if the old one still works? However, often they don’t consider an essential option to raise efficiency of the security system: upgrade.

Older security systems tend to use cameras that were the best in their time, but not at the present. For example, the quality of a video they capture may appear bad, especially after zooming in, thus identifying thieves it caught may appear impossible.

With time, other faults become noticeable too. The motion detectors are not as sensible and well developed as they are today, and so they can give a lot of false alarms due to errors.

The biggest danger of security systems that have not undergone an upgrade is that most of them still rely on a landline. Potential burglars can easily disable the entire system by simply cutting the line off, leaving your entire house unprotected.  A security system upgrade would take your house to the safe side, making it independent from the landline and using wireless monitoring via cell towers instead.

The beauty of security system upgrade lies in convenience it offers. An upgrade of the old panel board, for example, will allow you to use your home security system remotely, via smartphone. Even small things like keypads can be upgraded to a whole new concept. Instead of plain buttons you will get features like date, time and even weather forecast.

Security System Upgrade with Cryptex Security

Most manufacturers of the today market don’t expect you to upgrade a security system. They offer a 2 years warranty for their equipment and it is expected to last you 7 – 10 years.

There are some systems that can guarantee you safety for a lifetime, as long as the replacement parts can be found. Such are the security systems available at Cryptex Security, because we understand you might not want to throw away the whole equipment over a single insufficient thing. That’s why all of our security systems are upgrade friendly.

On top of that, Cryptex Security will check if there are any upgrades available for you. We offer a free of charge survey and reviews regarding an upgrade of a security system in your house. It is really worth considering getting it as you will find that the latest upgrades have tempting features such as apps and cloud storage services, plus guarantee a full warranty cover from the manufacturer.

We will give you a quotation and different security system upgrade options, so you can choose what kinds of improvement you would like to get. Get in touch to find out more.